Background and Setting

This long distance company’s customer service interface acts as primary contact-management and order-processing system for service and trouble-shooting. Rapid-response and database searching is required to meet customer service goals.

Client Business Objectives

  • The Customer Service Interface (CSI) should trigger all updates required to ensure database-integrity of all impacted data base elements.
  • The CSI should actively manage the new customer application process and track work flow statistics.
  • The CSI should present a uniform interface to CS agents for all database interactions.

How did UIA Help?

A Customer Service Interface was designed and implemented with a custom-designed rapid development system. This CSI actively manages the order-entry and customer-application process, ensuring referential-integrity, work flow-management, and summary reporting of CS response to service issues. The CSI sits on top of a multi-user INFORMIX database of 20,000+ customers and 250,000+ service products such as voice, data, 800, and private lines. This data base was designed by UIA.

How the Client Benefited

  • Faster processing of customer requests, services issues, and new customer applications.
  • A uniform interface for transaction-processing resulting in easier training and more effective use of system.
  • Greater database referential integrity as well as a vast reduction of bad database information.
  • Greater tracking of productivity of the CS department and trouble-shooting ability through statistical reporting.