Generating enterprise benefits through Analytics driven Planning and Operations

Informatics comprises both the technological and change management disciplines associated with successful application of Information Technology

Our objectives:

To bring to bear the greatest available expertise to each Informatics opportunity area by :

• Providing a channel to applied research in universities in the practice of Informatics.  
• Providing a multi-disciplinary and contextually holistic approach to client Informatics opportunities.

Typically exploiting these opportunities will involve technical, business and organizational challenges. We believe that this fuller agenda constitutes the real purpose of consultation and maximizes the added value that consulting engagements can provide to clients. Contributing to our client’s maturity levels for harvesting informatics opportunities is an integral part of UIA’s engagement process.

Our innovative organizational structure:

All organizations are required to become more agile to adapt to rapidly expanding global competition and technology innovation. Consulting organizations must adapt as well in two ways.

  • First, no single consulting organization can remain expert in all areas of Informatics.
  • Second, consulting organizations must constantly be refreshed with fresh developments and ideas surfacing in academe.

University Informatics Associates meets this challenge in the following ways.  

UIA associates include senior consulting practitioners with extensive industry experience who remain currently active in academe. These consultants can identify with industry needs for timely change while retaining the strategic longer-term perspectives encouraged in academe. In addition to particular areas of expertise UIA associates are generalists who can structure a solution  to its specific problem context so that the correct issues are addressed and benefit to the client is maximized.