University Informatics Associates has completed a number of informatics projects in diverse fields for several multimillion-dollar companies. These projects include production planning and scheduling, integrated distribution planning, expert systems, databases design and development among others. Here are some of them:

Production Planning and Scheduling
    •    PS-1: A production scheduling system for a $300 mm plastic film manufacturer
    •    PS-2: Production Planning and Scheduling for a $700 mm fiberglass insulation manufacturer
    •    PS-3: Production Scheduling for a $200 mm reinforced fiberglass manufacturer
    •    PS-4: Production Scheduling for $300 mm plastic pipe extrusion manufacturer

Integrated Distribution Planning
    •    DP-1: A truck routing and customer inventory management system for a $400 mm propane distribution company
    •    DP-2: Multi-year and annual Distribution and Inventory Planning for a $700 mm fiberglass insulation manufacturer
    •    DP-3: Common carrier selection and routing for a $500 mm insulation manufacturer
    •    DP-4: Due diligence on an Inter-modal rail yard operations optimization system
    •    DP-5: SKU reduction for a $700 mm fiberglass insulation manufacturer

Expert Systems
    •    ES-1: An expert system for a $600 mm specialty steel company

Information Systems Planning
    •    SP-1: Information Systems Strategy for $ 600 mm pharmaceutical R&D

Development Technologies
    •    DT-4: A Rapid Development System for Database Applications

Data Base Design and Development
    •    DB-1: Distributed Telecommunication-Control Database
    •    DB-2: Design and Implementation of Customer-Service Order-Processing Interface